Hi! I’m Samantha,

If it’s even possible- my love for weddings and celebrating your love has only grown since starting Plan Our Day.

Meet Houston Wedding Planner, Samantha Gieseke
Meet Samantha, Owner and Wedding Planner of Plan Our Day Houston

I truly enjoy the behind-the-scenes action that takes place at any event. I am a no-drama kinda gal, and will usually solve any issues without you knowing. My brides appreciate how calm I stay under pressure, and that I always handle any challenge with a smile. Guests have remarked on my team's professionalism and willingness to help (like carrying Grandma's gift in from the car, or ensuring your mom has a full glass of wine).

I began in the Hospitality Industry after finishing my degree at the University of Houston, then began working in hotels and fine dining restaurants. It was during those years that I found my love for bubbly, a good almond milk latte, and a perfectly, crunchy-chewy lemon macaron! 

I fully believe we should enjoy those we spend time with and work with. 


Meet Natalie, Wedding Planner with Plan Our Day Houston

Meet Natalie

Wedding Planner

Natalie joins us with over 8 years of experience in the Wedding and Events Industry. Working for top wedding venues, and local restaurants. She feels at home during the hustle of prepping for a wedding day. Once you meet her, you're sure to walk away feeling genuinly cared for and laughing (she's one of the funniest people I know!). We are so happy to have her on board!

(Photo by Katie Lamb Photography)

Meet Jazlyn:

Wedding Coordinator

Jazlyn is also a UofH grad (go coogs!) and is truly a natural when it comes to weddings. She can almost read your mind, and anticipates needs before they're spoken, (which is great for brides!). She's always perfectly put together and ready to answer any question. She has a keen eye for design and ensures every detail of your wedding is emmaculate!

Meet Houston Wedding Assistant, Jazlyn
Meet Plan Our Day Wedding Assistant, Jazlyn

Meet Leigh. Plan Our Day Wedding Assistant
Meet Houston Wedding Assistant, Leigh

Meet Leigh:

Leigh began assisting on our events from the beginning. With a background in restaurants, teaching and education, she is creative, thinks on her feet and loves ensuring the reception space is perfect before guests enter!   Some of her favorite things about weddings are interactive food stations and helping the bridal party collect their shoes, bouquets and champagne flutes during photo sessions.

(Did I mention that we REALLY like coffee?)

Photos courtesy of the fab, Becki from Smith House Photo!