The wedding cake is a perfect way to tie in your wedding theme, color scheme or add some personality to your overall wedding design. We've done the research for you, and are delighted to show you our favorite wedding cake trends for this year!

Naked Cakes

Now, you may have heard of this trend already, but we still can't get enough of them! They go great with a rustic, or country or whimsical theme, and are perfect year round.

Hand Painted Cakes

We recently fell in love with some hand painted cakes at a local bridal show. While these can be a bit pricier (think extra labor and skill), we also found some bakeries who can mimic the hand painted look. 

Non- Cakes

Wait, what? What we mean, are other desserts that aren't your typical cake! Pies, doughnut bars, cookie and brownie bars, let's think outside the cake box!

Natural Elements

A simple cake with natural elements is the trend here. These cakes go great with winter weddings, outdoorsy themes or certain locations: think mountain lodge, or garden weddings.

Trio Cake Display (or more!)

Like multiple designs and flavors and can't decide on one? Want to create a beautiful dessert display but still feature wedding cake? Multiple cake displays are the way to go! Get creative in the size, shape, and colors, and vary the heights of the display. 

Either way you slice it (sorry, we had to!) wedding cakes are a fun part of the evening and give you a chance to be creative and express your personalities!