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Houston's Top Historic Wedding Venues


Houston's Top Historic Wedding Venues

Unique Historic Wedding Venues in Houston

  • Olde Dobbin Station

  • Buffalo Soldiers Museum

  • Cotton Gin No. 116

  • Heights Fire Station

  • Hotel Icon

In continuation of our Houston Wedding Venue blog list, let's move on to Historic Venues in the Houston area!

These venues boast such unique interiors, have a history that your guests will enjoy and simply beautiful. Whether you're looking to go industrial, museum like, or just appreciate the story behind the structure, be sure to add these to your tour list for this summer!

Tips when touring wedding venues: 

1. Inquire about pricing and capacity prior to your visit! You don't want to show up and fall in love with the place only to find out that it's out of your budget or can't accommodate your guest list.

2. Consider a rain plan for any outdoor activities for your wedding day- especially your ceremony! Do you like their Plan B for the ceremony or cocktail hour? What will rain do to the parking lot?

3. If there is a caterer included or required, inquire with them as well before touring. Get menu pricing per person or ask for a general quote for your guest count. This could easily make or break the decision to tour!

Now to the list...

Houston Historic Wedding Venues:

Historic Wedding Venues in Houston | Olde Dobbin Station

Olde Dobbin Station

Located in Montgomery, TX, this quaint venue has an indoor ceremony space, now with central heat and air conditioning, as well as a large reception space with built in bar and enough space for up to 300 guests.

The bridal suite and groom's suite are on the smaller side, so depending on your wedding party count, you may consider doing hair and makeup offsite.


Note: They require you to use their bar services, but there are many packages to choose from! 

Houston Historic Wedding Venues | Buffalo Soldier's Museum

Buffalo Soldiers Museum

Yes, at first glance this space is very industrial, but it's so unique! Add in a lighting package, some draping and you've transformed the space with beautiful windows and natural lighting into the perfect space. Also centrally located in Midtown, it's super convenient to some of the major churches in the area!

Bonus, guests can tour the museum downstairs as they may their way to cocktail hour!


Note: As I mentioned, I would budget for additional lighting and decor to soften the space and make it feel more "wedding like"

Historic Wedding Venues in Houston | The Cotton Gin in Brookshire

Cotton Gin 116 in Brookshire

This place is SUCH a gem. Located just west of Katy in Brookshire, it has a real cotton gin located in the lobby. Guests will appreciate being able to mingle for drinks and dancing around this unique space. You can have an indoor or outdoor ceremony, and this location is also great for rehearsal dinners!


Note: This venue is best for smaller guests counts if you'd like a seated dinner. Max Capacity is between 80-100.

Historic Wedding Venues in Houston | Heights Fire Station

Heights Fire Station

Not to be confused with Station 3, another historic fire station in the area! The Heights Fire Station is quaint and affordable. The bricked exterior is adorable, and the white interior gives you a blank slate for your wedding design! They also partner with two parks in the area which would be great ceremony sites.


Note: You may prefer to rent different chairs to elevate the look of your wedding. Clear cut pricing is on the website too.

Hotel Icon | Houston Historic Wedding Venues

Hotel Icon - Downtown Houston

You may be familiar with the hotel in downtown, but didn't know about their wedding reception spaces. Quaint decor, but recently upgraded rooms create the perfect wedding weekend getaway. They can host your ceremony and reception without sacrificing the look or experience for your guests. They also have unique smaller spaces for rehearsal dinners!


Tip: I LOVE booking weddings at hotels- you get the ultimate expereince by having a full service, 24 hour staff. 


Houston's Top Modern Wedding Venues


Houston's Top Modern Wedding Venues

Choosing your Houston Wedding Venue

Houston's wedding industry is booming, and there are more options than ever on where and how to get married. Small, intimate weddings, off-beat, unique weddings, or your traditional ballroom affair, you're covered! 

When I meet with couples, I always joke with them that the venue search is the next, biggest choice after choosing who they want to marry! It's the biggest choice for three reasons: 

1. It's the bulk of your wedding budget (if you include food, beverage, possible rentals)

2. It sets the tone for your entire wedding design- the look and feel for the night

3. It begins to set the experience you'll be building for your guests from here on

Houston Modern Wedding Venues

In today's post, I want to focus on Houston's Modern Wedding and Event Venues. These are typically described as a room or building with clean lines, neutral or white color schemes, unique, modern architecture and boast open, well thought out spaces.

Houston's Top Modern Wedding Venues | 5226 Elm

5226 Elm

Located in the Bellaire area, off of 610 (South of the Galleria) 5226 Elm is both an event venue and photography studio. The ballroom area has tall ceilings, all white walls and is a blank space for you to play with lighting, draping and any color scheme you can imagine. They have a gorgeous outdoor courtyard as well as some unique rooms for an interactive layout. Website

Note: You will need to rent all of your tables and chairs!

Top Modern Wedding Venues in Houston | Asia Society

Asia Society Museum

Both Museum and Event or Wedding venue, the layout of the space is just gorgeous. Unique water features make the space feel serene, with a ton of natural light. You are able to host both your ceremony and reception on site and the staff is amazing to work with! Website

Note: There is also a back up Indoor Ceremony space if weather isn't on your side!

Hyatt Regency Galleria | Houston Modern Wedding and Event Venues

Hyatt Regency Galleria

This hotel makes the list as it's interiors are modern in colors, with funky chandeliers and open pre-function space. They have unique options to host many events for your wedding day weekend, as well as large parties of 500! Centrally located and with a beautiful lobby, even if you don't host your wedding here, the room blocks are convenient!

Note: Their Lobby Bar and Breakfast areas rock!

Houston Event Venue | Modern Wedding Venues | Houston Modern event venues

Houston Event Venue

Such a vague name, but this space is a photography studio when it's not hosting events. Parking doesn't require valet (yay!) and they have two spaces, one smaller and perfect for a ceremony, one larger for a reception. Exposed bricks and white walls, with open ceilings bring in a touch of industrial; but, I personally love a space you can make into any theme you'd like! Website

Note: You will need to bring in all tables and chairs- any lighting will be crucial to setting the tone!