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2017 Wedding Trends


2017 Wedding Trends

Photo by Smith House Photography

Photo by Smith House Photography


Pop the champagne- it is Engagement season! If you're like me, you've seen so many of your friends or family members get engaged this holiday season- and it's not over! So bookmark this article and share it with the lovely brides-to-be as soon as they've settled down from celebrating!

2017 Wedding Trends

Photo by Smith House Photography

Photo by Smith House Photography


1. Revamped Rustic

Yes, we've seen and retired the burlap and lace-wrapped mason jars, but that doesn't mean we still don't love those gorgeous, historic barns, or the sweet, vintage details! So, we're revamping the rustic-chic by adding a touch of glam and whimsy. Indulge in luscious blooms, surrounded by sparking mirror-top tables, mixed metal stem and flat ware and large focal points; such as a boxwood lined lounge area or glimmering chandeliers.

2. Minimalist 

This doesn't mean skimping on the details. It's changing your focus to what is already beautiful; a garden venue with fresh flowers, or a modern space with tons of lighting features. Minimalist design appreciates negative space and incorporates an industrial feel, such as using acrylic accents, or monochromatic color schemes.

2017 Wedding Trends | Pantone Color of the Year Kale | Via Burnett's Boards
2017 Wedding Trends | Kale Pantone Color of the Year 2017

3. Kale

Say, what?! Kale- it's the Pantone color of 2017! Let's embrace those neutral hues, such as eggshell, dusty blue, kale green and champagne tones. Liven it up with tons of candle light, greenery and wooden chargers or farm tables.

2017 Wedding Trends | Glitter Donuts | Courtesy of the Frosted Petticoat

4. Glitter Donuts and Meringues

Using edible glitter of course! Add these sweet edibles to your cake table or use them as guest favors. They are sure to delight and add a touch of whimsy. Nom!

5. Over-the-top

Mismatched flatware, stemware, chargers and napkins- all within the same color scheme. Varied textures, table runners, overlays and chair adornments. Lighting, draping and chandeliers and hanging florals. YAS! Did I mention how important lighting was? 

If you'd like to indulge in any of the these 2017 Wedding Trends with me- let me know! And, while we're at it, we can plan the unique touch to add to YOUR wedding!




4 Things you can Actually DIY for your Wedding (for the non-DIYer)


4 Things you can Actually DIY for your Wedding (for the non-DIYer)

I love the idea of DIY projects like the next girl, but will I ever actually complete that Pinterest project? Probably not. Honestly, I have an entire drawer of random craft items that have never been used or completed- so, if you’re anything like me, DIY just doesn't work for you. But! I have come up with 4 projects you actually can DIY for your wedding- and two of them I definitely think you should!

Bridesmaids Gifts

diy bridesmaids gift made by wedding planner with Plan Our Day Houston | Houston Wedding Coordinators | DIY Wedding Ideas for the Non DIY-er

Surprise! I actually made the bridesmaid gift in the picture- so no excuses! I hopped in my car, drove to two stores, (okay three if you include Tout Suite for the macarons) selected these items and put them in a pretty little box all by myself- so I can truly say I did this myself! And it really was that easy.

Pull together a cool bottled beverage (bubbles work too!), a sweet treat, emergency kit for your wedding day, plus other cool details your girls will need or love.

Your gals will appreciate the effort and it’s a beautiful beginning to a fun journey of planning your wedding with them by your side. Get creative, be thoughtful and have fun with one!



Houston Wedding Coordinators | DIY Wedding Ideas for the Non DIY-er | Wedding Ideas

This is something I definitely encourage you to do! If you’re not sure you can make it through your vows during the ceremony without choking up and sniffling and snotting all over your crumpled paper, then perhaps you can write a sweet love note to your groom for him to read that morning.

With all the hustle going on during your wedding day, and through the previous day’s activities, it’s easy to get lost in the craziness. Take a moment to reconnect with your fiancé before you walk down the aisle. Preferably in your wedding dress, sitting by a window, with a photographer capturing it. (Let's be honest, that's a GREAT photo).


Toss Items

Houston Wedding Coordinators | DIY Wedding Ideas for the Non DIY-er | Departure Toss Ideas

Sure, you can do bubbles... I guess. I’m not hating on them- they’re simple, fun for your semi-intoxicated guests, and inexpensive. Plus, if you are bogged down by venue restrictions, simply aren’t that enthused about your exit, or truly just like bubbles- go for it, lady! (Side note: you only need to buy about half of the amount of your guest list, if you do buy them.) 

But, if you do like the idea of selecting and making your toss item, this is an area to DIY. I’ve seen brides do tossed lavender (LOVE), birdseed, dried flowers, and ribbon wands. All gorgeous and happened to go with their complete vision for the wedding. Order the lavender or seed online (Etsy) and order or make your own cone cups. (here are some pretty lace ones!)


Farewell Food

Dena and Casey | DIY Take Home Food Favors | Smith House Photography | Austin Wedding Photographer-3.jpg

After dancing for a couple hours, imbibing some bubbles and noshing on cake, your guests will be forever grateful to nibble on a snack during their ride home (or to the after partaaay). The beauty of making it a farewell food station is that your guest count will be smaller than if you served it earlier in the reception. Let’s be real, Great Aunt Sophie isn’t staying past dinner. So, less people = less food and less prep!

For the DIY aspect of your farewell food, do as much or as little as you want. Order the popcorn, peanuts, candy or cookies online. Use custom stickers for the bags (here), or order custom printed bags (here).

If you have an awesome caterer, see if they can provide late night tacos or chicken biscuits wrapped with a custom sticker.  Guests with a full belly are happy guests!


I hope these DIY ideas for the non-DIYer are helpful! I’d love to hear about some of your more manageable DIY aspects of your wedding, because we can’t all be Martha Stewart! 

Checkout one of my fav DIY weddings here!





Photos Courtesy of Smith House Photography and Alyse French Photography