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Three tips to Rock your holiday party

We're proud to be a contributor for the River Oaks Living Magazine, in circulation for the River Oaks Neighborhoods. For December, we wanted to share some of our top tips for throwing a great Holiday party- as well as launch our Event Concierge Service. Event Concierge is like hiring a personal assistant for your party and event needs. Email us for more information or for help with your Holiday Party!

Throw the Best Holiday Party!

Event Concierge by Plan Our Day

By: Samantha Gieseke

You’ve already been gearing up for the second half of the Holiday season; so long pumpkin spice and Hello, minty hot chocolate! So, here are my top three tips for throwing a holiday party your friends and family will talk about until next spring, and your backup plan if you don’t want to go at it alone!


hot chocolate bar toppings

1.     Food stations are extremely popular in the wedding and events industries, as they double as entertainment for your guests (of all ages!). Why not incorporate this idea into your next gathering? Design a food station where your guests can build their own food item, whether it is a loaded mashed potato bar, mac ’n cheese station or use it spice up your beverages with a hot chocolate and coffee station, or mimosa bar. Use a variety of toppings, add-ins, juices and mixtures to give your guests an array of options and a creative way to enjoy your delicious food. Not to mention, the displays always look gorgeous too!

2.     Food pairings- Gone are the days when you simply pair white wine with fish and red wine with meats. Start your party off with miniature margaritas with your street tacos- using the actual mini Patron bottles, pairing a Prosecco with your meat and cheese course and then throwing in a locally brewed India Pale Ale with your brisket or roast- all fantastic ways to delight the senses and take the dining experience to the next level.

3.     Time Management- My last tip for throwing a memorable soiree is the not-so-fun side of time management, handling your growing to-do list and being able to enjoy your party with your loved ones (not in the kitchen). How do you tackle finding the right crisp white wine or local beer for your hors d'oeuvres, while also planning your interactive food station and decorating? Hire our Event Concierge- your party personal assistant, errand runner, creative menu developer, and decorator. We can handle the logistics and planning, so you can attend your party as a guest!

The holidays are about spending time with those you care about, enjoying great food, and staying present and thankful for life and those who are in it. Let us help you do that, by handling what we do best- throwing great parties! Contact Samantha today to discuss your next event and let us get started on the to-do list for you!

Photo by A Place For Us

Photo by A Place For Us

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