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My Favorite Bridesmaids Gifts


My Favorite Bridesmaids Gifts

I get the question all of the time from my couples, “What should I give my wedding party as a thank you?”

These are the people closest to you, they’ve planned along side you for months now and you want to show your appreciation. My first suggestion is a hand written note. Add on a customized gift, and you’re set! I personally love gifts that the wedding party can use on the wedding day, and then thereafter, such as robes, makeup bags, cute cups, mugs and wine glasses. Or perhaps, a pretty necklace is more your style?

Either way, I’ve picked out some of my favorite gifts from! They graciously sent me my own customized gift so I could ensure that my brides would appreciate the experience of ordering and LOVE the product!

Makeup Bags

LOVE getting makeup bags… can you ever really have too many? I use them to keep organized in my purse, of course for traveling, and even for more organized packing. Add in wedding colors and my initials and I’m sold! I picked this bag for my gift as I liked the simple gold script. Order your own here.


Gift Sets

When something already comes beautifully packaged, I’m all about it. Yes, you could go buy all of the components separately, but why not let someone else do the work? I love the “getting ready” photos of everyone wearing a matching robe, and having a wine glass with your name on it really just makes it easier to find your beverage when there are 10 other mimosas in the room! Click here to shop!


Yoga Mats

One of the coolest ideas a bride has had for the morning of her wedding was hiring a personal yoga instructor to guide her wedding party through a slow, relaxing flow. They were able to start the day feeling refreshed! Get a personalized yoga mat for each of them - talk about unique! Buy them here.


We haven’t forgotten about the guys! Check out their sister (or brother, I should say) company for all of the fun, personalized gifts your groomsmen could want! The caricature faces on mugs are my favorite!