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Wedding Gift Guide for Guests


Wedding Gift Guide for Guests

Hi All!

I've had some couples ask me recently about the etiquette surrounding wedding gifts, so I thought I'd make a quick post addressing just that! This is a quick guide for both couples and their guests on approaching the subject of wedding gifts and registries.

Wedding Gift Guide for Guests- Houston Wedding Planning, Wedding Tips- Gift Guide

1. The Registry

Many couples are opting for honeymoon funds, or trying to navigate how to ask for cash to buy a home. While these are practical and more modern ways of having a wedding registry, we still recommend to have a traditional registry available to guests who would prefer to buy you a gift. So head on down to Bed, bath and Beyond and start scanning! If you would like a honeymoon/home buying fund, I'd suggest an online site where you can write a little story about why you're opting for this as a way to receive gifts. Personalize it! 

TIP: Never list the registry or gift request on an invitation! It should be listed on your website, or told to guests via word of mouth/ by family and wedding party who host showers.

2. Wedding or Bridal Showers

Bridal showers are traditionally hosted by the bridesmaids, although parents and siblings may also want to host. If you have more than one bridal shower (or a couples shower) it can seem like a lot to ask of guests to attend more than one. Only close family and wedding party are typically invited to every shower, so try to keep the guest list different for each one (for example, a work one, or one for guests from a specific state, like your college crew). When it comes to gifts, showers are a great opportunity to buy the couple a wedding gift before the wedding. If you're invited to a shower, it is proper to bring a gift, unless otherwise specified. Recently, a couple of mine opted to ask for recipes at a couples shower, since many of the guests were also invited to the Bridal shower. 

3. Myth of When to Send a Gift

It is a popular misconception that guests are able to send a wedding gift up to a year after a wedding, so be sure to send it before the wedding date.

4. Thank you's from the Couple

Couples, be sure to keep a list of the gifts you received and from whom, as to reference it for thank you notes, or if you happen to host them at your house for dinner- it would mean a lot if you were able to show off the china you received from your Aunt over Christmas!

TIP: All Thank You notes should be sent within two months of the wedding

Wedding Gift Guide for Guests- Houston Wedding Planning, Wedding Tips- Gift Guide

Hope this helps! If you'd like to chat more about Wedding Etiquette, shoot us an email!

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