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Let's talk about the sometimes awkward subject of money, shall we? Go ahead and pour yourself a glass of wine if the thought of discussing a wedding budget is stressing you out, heck, I'll pour one with you!

Although this is definitely not as fun as choosing linens or picking the song for your grand entrance, it is SO important!

Here are my three tips for you and your fiancé, and your families, to begin thinking about when talking about your budget, or sometimes I refer to it as Spending Plan, because that sounds less scary!

1. Who's Paying? 
Have you and your fiancé discussed who is paying for your wedding? Perhaps you're splitting the cost with your parents, both sets of parents or maybe you're paying for it yourselves. Either way, talk about it now. Asking for money is a touchy subject, so approach it with sensitivity and courteousness. I suggest you each ask your parents alone, and discuss who is contributing and how much before any plans are made. 

2. Where to spend.
The average wedding costs $30,000, and about 50% of your budget will be spent on the reception venue, food, alcohol and rentals. You can look into inclusive venues, like hotels, ballrooms and country clubs, or navigate a DIY route, which requires more work on your end, but could save you some money.

3. What's your wedding type?
Do you love the outdoors? Are you a casual, jeans and tee kind of gal? Do you like a full service, pampered treatment? Is food and drink an important part of your day? Are you getting married in a church or other religious temple? Get these ideas out of your head and into a discussion, and together you can decide what is most important to you both, before making any decisions. This will also help guide you when making other decisions for your wedding; is it fitting into your wedding vision/type?

If you've never been apart of paying for or planning a wedding, you may not know what things cost, so there is a risk of some sticker shock. Get an idea of what you want to spend, and what that includes. You can have a spending plan for just the wedding (ceremony and reception), but perhaps not include your dress, his tux and wedding party gifts. If that's the case, let me (or your planner) know so we can adjust the budget accordingly.

Oh, and if you're just over trying to think about how much things cost and how much you should spend in each category, I can do that for you! 

Let's get coffee.

Setting a Wedding Budget | Houston Weddings and Events | Plan Our Day Houston