One of the most important aspects in creating an energized feeling for your reception and a smooth flow of events on your wedding day is by picking a great DJ, and then letting them do what they do best!

All couples work with a budget, so it doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your music and entertainment. Great DJs are well worth every penny and really set the tone for the evening! Trust me!

From the planner’s side, the DJ’s preparedness and skill level affect our job, and can really make or break all of the hard work we’ve put into a timeline and making your wedding perfect- so be sure you spend time picking a DJ, and follow the tips below!

1.     Selecting a DJ- Interview them, either by phone or in person, check out reviews, get referrals, and even better- see if they have any recordings of shows or announcements they’d done on their website. With any reputable wedding vendor, they should have a working, up to date website, reviews and some kind of social media presence. They’re in the job of entertaining- so they should be fun, energetic, and have a great personality.

Questions to ask:

·      Have you DJ’d and Emcee’d at weddings before?

·      Do you have any reviews?

·      Have you worked at my wedding venue?

·      What is your style in making announcements?

·      Do you have a lapel mic for the officiant as well as a wireless mic for toasts and announcements?

2.     Tell the DJ your songs ahead of time- If you’re unsure what to play during the ceremony, ask them for suggestions. Make sure you send all of your song selections to them at least one week in advance, so they have time to download them. I’ve seen DJ’s work with incomplete CD’s the couple had burned the night before, or Youtube clips that sound awful. Help him/her do a great job by sending your songs and announcement requests ahead of time!

3.     Don’t forget to dance!- This tip is straight from one of our favorite DJs, Jacob with DJ Dave. He says, “The white dress is a magnet, so if you’re out dancing and having a good time, your guests will be right there with you!”

We work with many great DJs, entertainers and bands, so let us know if you have any questions!