A Guest Post from Capri

As wedding days approach, engaged couples often finding themselves scrambling to get their health and wellbeing in check for their big day. Perhaps they made personal goals to lose weight or to get more sleep, but just haven’t found the time or motivation to work on improving their health. If you are one of these couples that would like to be as healthy as can be for your wedding, it’s best to start months in advance to avoid that last minute scramble. Here are some steps and examples of ways to work towards improving your health for your wedding so you can get started right away.


Set Specific Goals


To begin your journey towards a healthier life, it’s important to create specific goals that you can hold yourself accountable to. If you don’t have these goals laid out, it can be easy to fall off track. Include checkpoints along the way to your wedding date to make sure you track your progress. If you find that you’re having trouble holding yourself accountable still, share your goals with others so they can check in with you to see if you’re working towards achieving them.

Use your Resources

There are so many websites, experts, books, and more that we have access to that can help us be as healthy as can be. Find resources that work with your lifestyle, whether it be a blog or an audiobook that you can listen to in the car. These sources could provide you with methods, inspiration, and support to help you become healthier. Speaking of support, if your partner is also on this journey towards a healthy life, be sure to encourage each other. Working towards a goal together is easier than it would be alone.

Don't Forget Every Aspect of Wellness

Wellness and health is not just the physical aspect - it’s mental and emotional as well. Put in some extra self-care before your wedding to make sure all aspects of your wellness are at their best. Try some meditation or take steps that will improve your confidence and self-image. Perhaps you could do so by pampering yourself like getting laser hair removal if shaving has been a struggle or using hair loss products if your hair has been thinning. Taking these steps that will allow you to feel your best mentally on your wedding day.

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Small Steps add up

Improving your health doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of time on it. Begin with small steps that will add up to give you big results. For example, you could just make an effort to drink more water or get more sleep each night. It doesn’t take too much to become healthier. Just taking 15 minutes of your day for a quick walk or to de-stress will put you on the path to reach your health goals.